Hello, my name is Emily and I am a Youth Ambassador with the Making Colorado. I love Colorado and so should you! It's like Utah but cooler.
Montrose Recreation District gives year round opportunities for kids to get out and play sports.
Climb all fourteen 🗻
Montrose County

In 1882 Montrose was established a town. Montrose was originally founded to provide mining materials for nearby mining communities, but sooner rather then later mining declined and agriculture took over. Montrose used the Gunnison Tunnel for irrigation to the Uncompahgre Valley. The tunnel was so outstanding that it received a visit from President Taft and from that Montrose sparked a flame in the production of agriculture.

It’s the perfect place, that’s why it’s in Colorado

The Black Canyon corner was established in 1953, Karl and Betty Rupp have owned the store for 37 years. The store is at the bottom of Highway 347 and offers many fossils, rocks, minerals, and other souvenirs from Colorado, including the state mineral.

I love where I live ❤ #youth4colorado #montrosecounty #nothingbetter
Colorado :)
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Tonight is Main in Motion!!

The snow in Colorado will never get old. This picture I took behind my house this past 2012 winter. It was breathtaking.
Thank you Colorado for the back roads, and thank you for the sunshine.